BSc Psychology Degree in the UK

Leading Degree in Pscyhology in the United Kingdom

This psychology degree is a ‘pure psychology’ degree and will allow students to gain a scientific understanding of the basic processes by which we learn, think, feel and adapt to our social conditions. The degree, which is accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS), covers both normal and abnormal behaviour from infancy to old age, and deals with the biological, social and individual factors that affect human psychology.

This psychology degree course offers students the widest possible choice of modules, which enables them to tailor their study as their interests develop.

Best Psyschology Degree to help start your career

Students will learn through a variety of lectures, seminars and tutorials as well as essays and computer and paper-based assignments. The School makes extensive use of technology in order to enhance the learning experience including podcasts and the use of an Audience Response System. An increasing number of our modules can be followed through the medium of Welsh. Starting in the second year, and continuing into the third, students will carry out a major research project in a psychological area of their choosing. Depending on the chosen field, students might be involved in research in industry, hospitals, schools, nurseries, or other institutions with which we have strong research links.

The project will be individually supervised by a staff member who is a specialist in the appropriate research field, giving participants the opportunity to exercise their knowledge and skills alongside an expert. Our students regard the project as one of the most challenging, but also one of the most rewarding, elements of their course.

This 18 month project experience is very rare in undergraduate programmes and ensures that our graduates have amongst the most highly developed research skills of any UK Psychology graduates.

Become a professional in psychology

A variety of careers will be open to a graduate with a good psychology degree from Bangor. This psychology degree is the broadest degree option we offer, so is suitable for students who want to follow any of the main psychological professions (clinical psychology, educational psychology, counselling psychology, health psychology, etc).

In addition, there are careers open to graduates and postgraduates from any discipline, including careers in management training, accountancy, teaching, nursing, social work, the police and the armed forces.