Study BSc Computer Science in the UK

Computing Degree: State of the art instruction

This course is structured around a themed programme for Computer Science covering all key areas in this exciting subject. As well as learning the fundamentals of computer science and advanced programming skills, students will benefit from teaching that relates to the research interest of the academic staff. Our research specialties include computer graphics, visualization, knowledge discovery, and communications.

Expertise from these areas are incorporated into our teaching activities, giving students direct access to the latest Computer Science research. We use state of the art computing laboratories, networked computers and industry standard software in all courses, and place a strong emphasis on vocational aspects of subjects, including oral and written presentations, communication skills and an appreciation of business practices.

Start your successful career at Bangor

Graduates in Computer Science will have career opportunities anywhere that computers are used by businesses and the public-sector. Graduates with one of our computing degrees should be able to obtain a good job in the computing industry in the UK or any of international computing firms. The course will prepare students for a variety of careers in web application development software engineering, programming, communications and networking, computer applications, IT management, computer sales and marketing.

From working as application developers to managing the IT and communications services for companies, to computer games, there are plenty of opportunities. In addition to the mainstream careers for our graduates, their mathematical modelling ability combined with problem-solving and project management skills makes them attractive to a much wider range of employers.

What you will study on the course

During the course students will spend about 12 hours in lectures and 8 in laboratories each week. They will also have tutorials in some modules and have to work on software design and complete various problem-solving assignments. Students will have an opportunity to undertake major software projects which will allow them to develop creative design and technical skills as well as apply the theoretical principles they have learned.