BSc Business Studies at Bangor University

Study Business in the UK

By taking a degree in Business Studies, students will develop a broad understanding of business organisations, learning how businesses develop strategies, take decisions, organise their internal resources, and manage risk and uncertainty. A degree in Business Studies will provide insights and expertise in specific business functions such as marketing, human resource management, accounting and finance, as well as offer a chance to study specialised topics such as entrepreneurship and international business. Students will also develop awareness of the wider environment in which businesses operate, by studying subjects such as business economics and business law.

What you will study

Many graduates from Bangor Business School pursue careers in areas such as accountancy, banking, investment, insurance, risk management, marketing, human resource management and retail management. Some of the benefits of our programme include

  • Our multidisciplinary School employs specialists across a broad range of business subjects, including accounting, banking, finance, economics, management, marketing and entrepreneurship.
  • Our students take part in national competitions such as the IBM Business Challenge.
  • We arrange a varied programme of guest lectures, eg Chief Executive of the Scottish Premier League, Chief Operating Officer of No. 10 & 11 Downing Street, Head of IT security at HSBC.
  • Our staff are active researchers in their subject areas and we enjoy an international reputation.

Case studies

Business and marketing case studies form an integral part of many of the modules, especially during the later stages of course programmes. In a case study, information is presented about a firm’s products, markets, financial structure, human resources and other factors that may influence its success. During courses students will discuss and analyse strategies and actions that the firm should take in the future.

Bangor Business Society

Bangor Business Society was launched in 2011/12. The purpose of the society is to foster a sense of community within the Business School by trying to include the students in as many academic and social activities throughout the year as possible. The Business School is unique within the University in that it has a diverse group of students from different countries around the world entering all three years of study. This in turn offers students a chance to broaden their learning environment by interacting with people they may not have had the chance to before.