BSc Financial Economics Degree in the UK

Study Financial Economics at Bangor to start your career

The degree in Financial Economics offers students the opportunity to study economics within a real-world context, developing strong analytical skills and a career-relevant qualification in economics and its application to global finance. The programme includes core components in economics and finance. By studying microeconomics and macroeconomics, students develop a firm understanding of economics at the micro and macro levels. The finance component provides in-depth coverage of topics such as the financial system, financial markets and products, the financing of companies and the role of investment.

Bangor Business School offers the best curriculum

As a multidisciplinary School spanning everything from Accounting and Finance to Business and Management, Bangor Business School offers a variety of programmes to meet any career aspiration. If a student is undecided on his or her career path, the flexibility of our programmes enables them to try out different modules and subject areas to work out what appeals to their personal tastes and ambitions.

What you will study on the course

Students spend up to 15 hours per week in lectures, seminars and tutorials. There is a mixture of continuous assessment and written examinations. Students will complete assignments such as collecting and analysing information from commercial databases or the internet, preparing business case studies, writing essays and completing problem-solving exercises.