Study at the No.1 School of Ocean Sciences in the UK

"A Top 50 UK University and 15th for teaching excellence"

Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015

"The people, place and atmosphere can’t be matched anywhere else, which is why I’m doing my MSc here!."

Emmer Litt, BSc Geological Oceanography graduate

£2.8 million purpose built research vessel commissioned by Bangor University: Prince Madog

    The leading School of Ocean and Marine Science in the United Kingdom

Bangor University is home to one of the largest university Marine Science departments in Europe, located in on the shores of the Menai Strait, North Wales, UK, in an area of outstanding natural beauty. We have the leading facilities and lecturers for Ocean Sciences in the UK and unrivalled access to the sea and seashore.

  • One of the largest university centres for marine science in Europe
  • Extensive shore based research and teaching facilities including tropical and temperate aquaria, laboratories and high-performance computing
  • Unrivalled fleet of research boats including a 35m ocean going research vessel
  • Located on the banks of the Menai Straits the school has an excellent location giving easy access to a range of coastal and shelf sea environments for experimental and survey work
  • Centre of excellence in Oceanography and Geology (including oil, gas and marine renewable energy) and Biology (including ecology, physiology, fisheries and aquaculture)

    Career Prospects beyond graduation

Courses at the Bangor University School of Ocean Sciences are the ideal preparation for careers in conservation, scientific or environmental media, offshore industries, marine resource management, research, fisheries, coastal authorities, government, eco-tourism and pressure groups.

    Learn in the field

The undergraduate courses typically involve up to 30 hours of lectures, practicals (laboratory and fieldwork), private study, tutorials and project work. Many modules include day trips and work on research vessels.