Study the outstanding MBA at the Bangor University in the UK

"Bangor Business School provided me with a solid academic grounding in economics and business. What I learned at Bangor I still use today in my position as Chief UK Economist at Deutsche Bank in London. What I learnt at Bangor set me up for life, and has helped me enormously in my subsequent studies and my job."

Dr. George Buckley Chief UK Economist, Deutsche Bank, London

Bangor Business School was the first UK university to offer a Banking and Finance MBA, and today it continues to be one of Europe's foremost institutions for financial research and education.

  • In the most recent Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), Bangor Business School was rated as the best in the UK for the quality of staff research in the areas of Accounting and Finance.
  • An impressive 93% satisfaction rating was given by Bangor Business School students in a recent National Students Survey.
  • Bangor Business School’s top researchers and senior staff, who were responsible for achieving the No. 1 position in the UK for Finance and Accounting research, also teach on masters and bachelor programmes.
  • The school enjoys an international reputation for research in Banking, Finance, Financial Economics and Econometrics.

    An MBA with an outstanding return on investment

  • The Bangor University MBA is outstanding value at £13,800 for the entire programme.
  • Compare that to the average cost of an MBA in the UK of £33, 000 (Cranfield Business School)) or an MBA in Europe (61, 000 euros).
  • The Bangor MBA investment is usually paid off within one year of graduation based on increased employment opportunities and or pay increases.
  • Who should consider studying the MBA Banking and Finance?
  • The Banking and Finance MBA is designed for candidates with degrees or relevant business backgrounds, who wish to develop their expertise and further their professional careers.
  • Graduates who have professional experience in the financial sector;
  • Managers and accountants in public and private organisations who wish to develop their financial management skills;
  • Managers employed in the financial services industry;
  • Graduates contemplating a career in the banking and financial services industry;
  • Graduates who have relevant practical experience and wish to enhance their skills in the areas of banking and finance;
  • Finance professionals (like corporate treasurers and accountants) who deal with the financial services industry.